Diwali Lights of India Festival Presents: "Ragapravaham" by Temple of Music Instrumental Ensemble

Temple of Music Instrumental Ensemble

Temple of music derives its Mission from the aspect of Swara Yoga , an interactive Musical meditation. This session brings together musical minds to chant , sing and play music so as to feel a collective sense of profound joy and happiness. The non profit derives great honor in promoting this level of Indian Music amongst all people irrespective of any divisions. We will strive to bring in the best proponents of the art form and present them to the public.We will conduct workshops , lecture demonstrations, concerts, multi cultural events, promote Swara Yoga.

We have also started a Youth wing to create interest of music amongst young ones through awareness programmes. We have also created a Swara Yoga Ensemble in which new music is created, composed , arranged by Guru Sri Ganesh Rajagopalan and performed by the young students of Ganesh Rajagopalan

As part of our virtual programming, we encourage audience members to donate directly to artists, or organizations of the artist choosing. Please direct donations for Temple of Music Instrumental Ensemble to http://templeofmusic.org/

Scheduled performance time: available starting Saturday, October 24 - 11:00am | Category: Music & Song