Look, Listen, Learn Anytime

Sing, dance, and explore alongside a whole host of artists! Kids and parents will be able to experience culture from around the world and even give some of it a try themselves. Many of these videos are interactive, so warm up your singing voices, break out your best dance moves, and prepare to get creative. These performances will be available all weekend long (and beyond!) for your whole family to enjoy together.

Music & Song

Caspar Babypants

Juliana and PAVA

Music Together @ Music Center of the Northwest

Orquesta Northwest

Simba Youth Marimba Ensemble

Sunshine Music Together

Temple of Music Instrumental Ensemble

Dance & Movement

206 Zulu

Momentum Irish Dancers

Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness

Northwest Tap Connection

Te Fare O Tamatoa

Stories & More

Aleksa Manila

Barbara Rodriguez of Día de Muertos Committee

Danitra Hunter

Johnny Moses

The Crankie Factory

My Healthy Kids

Francisca Flores Garcia of Machtia

Harry Terhanian of Northwestshare presents Goloka Farm Tour and Soil Preservation

Harry Terhanian of Northwestshare presents Indian Spice Mixing

The Beecher's Foundation

Learning Together

Auntie Lena and Possum, of Look, Listen and Learn

Look, Listen and Learn team members