Homemade coasters with Milo of Coyote Central

Coyote Youth Advisory Board featuring Milo

Coyote puts professional tools in the hands of young people. Working side by side with professional artists, students build skills for their futures and make projects they cab feel proud of! Coyote offers a wide variety of 10 hr hands on studio courses, specializing in mediums that are hard to access. With youth in the driver's seat students discover just what they are capable of. Classes are always pay-what-works-for-you!

The Youth Advisory Board is made up of Coyote alumni who are entrusted with providing a youth voice to Coyote’s programming and strategic planning. The YAB plays a critical role in driving the vision of the organization through advocacy, self-generated projects and volunteering.

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As part of our virtual programming, we encourage audience members to donate directly to artists, or organizations of the artist choosing. Please direct donations for Coyote Youth Advisory Board to https://coyotecentral.org/give

Scheduled performance time: available starting Saturday, October 24 - 11:00am | Category: DIY Building